Additional Info



It is very important to understand that the sand dunes and bushes on Galveston Island are part of the habitat for indigenous species of snakes, some of which are poisonous. These dunes and bushes also belong to protected areas. For your own safety, please stay away from the dunes and bushes. Please stay on the boardwalk when accessing the beach and always watch your steps when traversing on the grasses or the boardwalk.


Local insects include ants, chiggers, palmetto bugs, cockroaches, silverfishes, spiders, love bugs, big bugs, small bugs, tiny bugs, and all kinds of bugs are part of Galveston’s wildlife. Since we are located in a coastal region with wetlands, these insects are a natural occurrence. However, we take steps to control these bugs including having the houses treated every three months by our great local pest control company. Per the pest control company, the spraying does not prevent them from crawling or flying in through open doors. However, if they do get in, they will not survive for long. There is a chance you may see them unexpectedly during your stay, but rest assured that the houses have been treated to prevent infestation.

As such, please do not prop open the doors – close them immediately after use. We have also found that turning off the outside lights next to the doorways also helps to reduce the likelihood of them getting inside, since lights attract mosquitoes and bugs at night.

– Please do not bring any food/snacks/candy into the bedrooms to avoid attracting ants.
– Please clean all food crumbs off the floors to avoid attracting pests.
– Please clean up all food on the ground floor or outside where the picnic tables are located to avoid attracting wild animals and bugs.


The houses may be located in developing communities. Therefore, we do not know exactly when new construction will start or how long construction is expected to last. You may reserve a house at a time when there is no construction, but it may begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience that may result, but since we have no control over these situations, we are unable to refund your stay. We will do our best to notify you in advance if there is any upcoming construction.